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Is Dr. Lee accepting new patients?

Dr. Lee is not accepting any new patients.

I am travelling, can I still receive medical care from Dr. Lee?

Dr. Lee does not provide telemedicine/virtual care to patients who is out of the province.

Do I need an annual physical exam?

In keeping with the most up to date medical literature and recommendations, family physicians are moving away from the annual physical and moving towards the Periodic Health Exam. Please click the link below for more information.

Is there a lab or x ray at Dr. Lee's clinic?

There is no in house lab or x ray facility at Dr. Lee's clinic. Please search for the nearest Lifelabs or Dynacare Labs. Some labs may require advance booking online. 

Can I leave a message for Dr. Lee?

Patients can leave a message for Dr. Lee via the clinic reception regarding matters such as questions about their recent visit with Dr. Lee, non-urgent test results or non-urgent insurance/medical forms. Dr. Lee will try to respond within 2 business days. Otherwise, patients with new clinical questions or medical problems will be directed by the clinic reception to book an appointment with Dr. Lee. If you have an urgent problem, you will be booked into either Dr. Lee's limited same-day appointment spots or with the clinic's on-call physician.

Can I call Dr. Lee for the renewal of my medications?

In order to ensure that Dr. Lee renews the right medication, please contact your pharmacist instead to fax a renewal request to Dr. Lee with the details of the medications that require renewal. Please contact your pharmacy at least 5-7 days before you run out of the medications in order to ensure that the medications are renewed on time. 

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